Oslo Opera House

The Oslo Opera House is a special landmark. Next to the central station, in the Oslo Fjord lies this white monument where modern architecture meets nature.

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On the sandy beaches of The Netherlands lies Kijkduin, a place near The Hague. Early spring it was a bit windy and sunny.

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Norwegian Fjords

On a ride from Oslo to the West Coast of Norway I saw this landscape. It must have been late in the evening while waiting for the ferry.

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Tomorrow it is IPv6-day again. The day to make the world aware of a new version of the protocol that makes the internet possible. IPv4 (now) and IPv6 (now and future) make it possible to connect devices to the internet. With the original design of the net every device received a unique address to communicate with other devices. When the internet grew the demand of addresses grew as well. We are now in the situation that there are no more free addresses, so new devices can’t connect to the net, without recycling existing addresses....

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Password Vulnerability

The past couple of days three instances of password loss and hacks appeared in the news. First there was the news about LinkedIn having lost 6,5 million passwords, a US dating site lost passwords as well and yesterday the news came that the social music site Last.fm informed their users they had lost passwords. This post is about how to prevent data loss and make sure you have strong and different passwords....

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Privacy Day

Today it’s privacy day. I participate in making people aware about their own privacy with this post. Social Media Social media, like twitter, facebook, flickr etc are all around us. It’s a great method to stay in contact with friends that are not close, or keep track of people you haven’t seen for a while. However, social media can also be too intrusive. The things you put up there, can (and will) be used against you if there is a reason for it....

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